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The Black Cat Gets Lucky
CCI Motorsports In The IHRA Winners Circle, New England Dragway
Photos By CCI, Added Photos By
Diana Patille, Press Author.

Team CCI Motorsports Win IHRA New England Dragway Champions Photo Our trip to New Hampshire began Thursday evening looking forward to taking the big, bad Buick out to let it breathe after our Super Chevy Event you last heard from us about. After loading up the Black Cat and packing enough food to feed a small army, we set out for the seven plus hour drive to Epping, NH, for the IHRA / Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association event scheduled that weekend.

Jon Salemi of Darren Mayer Performance Superchargers puts the winning tune into the Buick Pro Mod Jon Salemi of DMPE "Darren Mayer Performance" joined us at the track this weekend with the main crew as our team engine tuner of the alcohol gulping hemi. Richard Dixon, sponsor and good friend, offered to help us out over the course of the weekend as we were one crew member short "feel better soon, Ronnie!!" Richard's full time race team "Undertaking Racing" wasn't racing this weekend with their Pro Modified Camaro.

Rolling The CCI Motorsports Buick Pro Mod Into The LanesFriday afternoon we made our first and only time shot with the CCI Motorsports 57 Buick running a solid 0.996 60 foot time, but lifting shortly after spinning the tires. Unfortunately, that was the only run the weather gods would allow us and all the others to make.

A drenching rain at New England Dragway slows down the weekend racingIt poured down rain most of the day on Saturday and racers had to find other ways of entertaining themselves.

Playing A game of touch football while the drag race is postponedSome of us read, some of us napped, and some of us played football in the mud! It looked like a beer commercial as various team members came together for a friendly game of touch football. Krazy Ed Foley And Frank Pattile Talk Drag Racing In Their Time Off

Much of our off time during the rains, our crew and Frank Patille had time to talk with the heavy hitters of the sport, like Sonny Leonard, Derrick Townes, Jim Barker, Jeff Rodgers, "Krazy Ed" Foley and more. Even the infamous John Mazzarano made his rounds like the association president does as you would expect, John is surely a character and way too much fun to not have him visit your pit area.

Sonny Leonard And Frank Patille In The PitsSam Patille At Home In The TrailerJohn Mazzoranno hams it up for the camera with Jeff Rodgers

John Mazzoranno talks over the teams strategy for the upcoming rounds with Richard DixonSunday in New Hampshire; the sun finally peeked out and temperatures warmed from the miserable day prior as the track staff at New England Dragway were able to begin prepping the quarter mile for what would become a wild day of IHRA Pro Modified racing.

Always filled with all the best and most colorful racers in the country; the Pro Modified racing circuit is just a blast to fans of huge power and cool machines.

Frank Patille and Derrick Townes Shake Hands Before Their Match Up In The BeamsTouching off round one the CCI Motorsports team found themselves pairing up with Jeff Rodgers in "The Executioner". Jeff's 6.677 @ 210 wasn't quite enough for CCI's 6.27 @ 225 mph pass. Next up moving into the quarter finals; Frank faced off with Derrick Townes whose 6.41 @ 223 mph strike couldn't match the Black Cat's 6.19 @ 228 sweet shot at the 1320 feet bettering our last round numbers.

Jim Barker felt the heat of the CCI Motorsports Buick, Barker Managed A Runner Up FinishWe enjoyed a bye run in the semi final round, coasting out on a 6.30 @ 226 unopposed pass. Before we knew it, we were in the finals with Jim Barker of Barker Racing and his Awesome Supercharged Monte Carlo; an exciting first for CCI Motorsports! Racing against another DMPE tuned racing machine.

Frank blasted Jim Barker with a 6.17 @ 228 mph shot and our lowest ET of the weekend to Barker's 6.30 @ 231 big mph hit which took our team right into the winners circle for our season highlight so far with this machine and a sweet victory we always knew we had coming soon to end an exciting weekend of racing with the IHRA and Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association.

Frank Patille is interviewed for the Speed Channel After The Win In EppingFinal ceremonies included an interview for the SPEED channel with Frank Patille and members of the team enjoying the limelight, a trip into the Winner's Circle for our photograph and a few fans' autographs "thanks guys for supporting us - we love you!" were signed. Frank And Diana Patille Capture A Moment After The Win

Team CCI Motorsports hit the interstate bound for our PA home after an exhausting weekend.

Some Moments Captured By Diana Patille show the determination, character and resolve over the race weekend below.

Nick Vanella and Richard Dixon Surely Worked For this win as team members Crew Chief And Owner , Driver Frank Patille Look Towards Another Victory As A Team Frank Patille, IHRA Drag Racing Champion

Next stop for us will be Atco, NJ this coming Saturday, 9/19/09 and The IHRA President's Cup at Maryland International Raceway 9/25/09 through 9/27/09. Stop in and say hello and follow the bad blown Buick more with Team CCI Motorsports.

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With both teams going into Sunday without any qualifying attempts at the track it really was a crapshoot on the tune up side of things. Ironically Jon Salemi was tuning both cars under the DMPE banner for the weekend. He stated, "It's really great to be working with two quality teams. They both have DMPE Superchargers and Fuel Systems.

The quality of their racing operations is top notch. I did my best to read the racetrack with each car and gave it my best shot. Fortunately they both went down in the first round to establish a baseline for each team."

Twelve cars showed from the NEOPMA group so they ran on a sixteen car ladder.

Visit For More On Jim BarkerBoth Barker and Patille were fortunate to get bye runs during eliminations. Barker's being in the second round and Patille's in the semis for a free trip to the finals.

Patille said, "We just kept racing smart all day. Jon Salemi kept us grounded and just picked away at the tune up.

I did my job on the tree when I needed to and we kept getting a bit better each round". Read More Here... Authors Also Reported: IHRA and New England Dragway had their biggest Sunday crowd in years and produced some of the best racing of the year as fans filled the facility to near capacity, and to watch great racing all day, and witness Frank Patille defeat Jim Barker to win the highly popular Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association class. Read More Here....

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CCI Motorsports At Super Chevy Maple Grove 2009
Photos By CCI, Added Photos By

The Big Blown Buick In A Tire Shredding Burnout Super Chevy 2009 Photo By GoneDragRacing.comAdding to the field of Nitro Coupes At Super Chevy Maple Grove, CCI Motorsports entered into the fray with the Bad, Blown 57 Buick Special Pro Modified; not so distant as you may think with other cars of different body styles including the Willys Coupe from Mohegan Sun.

Some spectators without their binoculars from the nosebleed sections of the stands may have at first been thinking it was a 57 Chevy. Closer looks would have Chevy fanatics scratching their heads at the sight of the distinctive vents, rounded moldings and of course the meticulous grille airbrushing that is far from the 57 Chevy Model Pro Mod body.

Super Chevy Fans Saw The Awesome Power Of The Bad, Blown CCI Motorsports Buick, Photo By GoneDragRacing.comThis was the second year in a row at Super Chevy and the Grove where team CCI Motorsports and tuning this car on this track would be as Frank Patille states "Tricky".

Ken Walsh Setting Low ET, Top Speed And Number One Qualifier At Super Chevy, Photo By GoneDragRacing.comCCI Motorsports was challenged with figuring out the right tune up for conditions, and had to settle for a first round elimination on Sunday against Ken "The Kid" Walsh who scored big in rounds with number one qualifier 3.963 @ 189.82, Low ET and top speed with the same numbers as you see previously. Without a doubt, CCI Motorsports had the power but settling this car down on the Groves surface would have to be in a word "Challenging" for the most part. A great opportunity to see this car in full view and under power in a large series like the Super Chevy Show only comes once a year to the Patille's who live not too far from this area track and made the trip to show off the sponsorship, team effort and quality of this car to the race and car show fans that come to this event in the hills of Pennsylvania.

Doug Winters Screams Through A Burnout, The Eventual Winner Of Super Chevy At Maple Grove, Photo By GoneDragRacing.comThe other big classic of the show, Doug Winters and his 57 Chevy of Winters Racing took top honors of winning the event and moving up in points getting closer to the "Kid" Ken Walsh who sits on top with180 points and the number one standing in the Super Chevy Events.

For The next race, reporter, bottle washer, cook and information captain "Diana Patille" will be away from Team CCI Motorsports when they travel to Maryland International Raceway August 15th for yet another event. As you can see by this team effort, it will be in good hands of this crew pictured below in more shots of Super Chevy and Team CCI Motorsports participation in racing events.

The Bad CCI Motorsports Buick Powering Through A Burnout At Super Chevy 2009Team Member Backing Up The CCI Motorsport Buick For A PassNick Vanella Stages The Buick Pro Mod At Super ChevyProud CCI Motorsports Team In The Lanes At Super ChevyTeam CCI Motorsports Awaits A Pass In Front Of The Maple Grove Super Chevy Fans

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Summer Motorsports Spectacular at E Town, The Pro Mod Invitational Session
Photos By, Video By Arnie Cohen

Frank Patille Powering Through a Killer Tire Shredding Burnout At E Town, Photo By GoneDragRacing.comMany thanks to all of the fans and supporters who came out in abundance last night to watch what was truly a Summer Motorsports Spectacular at E Town! CCI Motorsports was thrilled to again be a part of this giant exhibition with the Buick Pro Mod in front of thousands of spectators, our thanks to our sponsors who keep us going strong and able to enjoy running this many shows.

Fire Flames And Cool Exhibitions At Raceway Park, Photo By GoneDragRacing.comRace enthusiasts got to watch the always exciting 300+ MPH jet cars, rocking, flaming and fire breathing jet trucks, the Cool "Skool" Bus, Benny the Bomb (who can forget Benny?), monster trucks, funny cars (I enjoyed meeting you, Frank Manzo), top fuel Harleys and of course, the Pro Mods with our invitation back to put on a show for the spectators.

Our Awesome Launch With The CCI Motorsports Buick Pro Mod !! Photo By GoneDragRacing.comFor CCI, these exhibition runs gave us a little more seat time in the '57 Buick Special which is comfortably coming around. As the sun set and evening approached, the air improved and there was no doubt ETs would continue to quicken.

Andy Jensen Prepares For A 5 Second Record Setting Pass, Photo By GoneDragRacing.comFor our second pass, we were paired with Andy Jensen and his turbo charged Camaro. We cranked out a 6.20 @ 227 pass while Andy Jensen "Jensen Engine Technologies" whizzed along with a 5.94 @ 237 lightning fast surge and a pass heard around the globe with Frank Patille in the lane next to him, Frank had the best seat in the house for Andy Jensen's five second pass with a single turbo small block. Jensen now joins a very elite club. Nice run, Andy!

Jensen may have stolen the show but as teams with a good standing amongst each other it's always a sensation to see a friend and racing compadre' reach a feat of this magnitude.

Frank And Diana Patille Share A Paused Moment At E Town, Photo By GoneDragRacing.comOur thanks to Seth Cohen from and the man with the videos, Arnie Cohen for capturing Andy Jensen's 5 second pass in the lane next to us.

CCI Motorsports is preparing for the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove scheduled for July 17th where we'll take flight with the Wild Nitro Coupes. Hope to see you there!'s Huge Night Of Thrills Gallery, Click Here
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Saturday Eliminations At Maple Grove Northeast Outlaw Pro Modified Association
Photos By CCI, Added Photos By

Great Launch And Early Timer ET's, Tire Shake Ruined A great PassSaturday's single time shot found us shaking the tires at the mid track on the 1st to 2nd gear shift and lifting. The first round of qualifications was more solid nailing a 6.23 @ 229 run, which put us at 2nd qualifier. We still had to run the rained out final from MIR against Tommy Gray. This pairing was probably one of the most exciting races of the blower class of the weekend. The Black Cat was slightly quicker off the line than the Undertaker Camaro, and with 60ft and 330 times just hundredths of seconds apart.

Tommy Grays Undertaker CamaroGray's mean green racing machine drove around the '57 Buick at the top end, posting a 6.07 @ 238 run to our best of the year yet 6.17 @ 229 run to grab the win light. It was great racing for the fans and for both teams.

Kevin McCurdy Flat Out Dissolving The Slicks On His Burnout, Photo By CCI Motorsports went on to the first round of eliminations for the day's event, a bit too aggressive through low gear.

We got out of the groove, pulled left and crossed the center line forcing the DQ. Fortunately the Buick cleared McCurdy's Firebird.

Our Next Stop Is The Night Of Thrills Pro Mod Invitational At E-Town again !!

Friday Test and Tune Session At Maple Grove

The Classic 57 Buick Carbon Fider Nose On The Ground Setting Up In The PitsAnxious to get back on the track after all of the E-Town excitement, we were ready to resume the job at hand; getting this Buick to run straight down the track fast and quick! Jon Salemi of DMPE "Darren Mayer Performance Engineering" joined us this weekend in an effort to get this car dialed in. With the imminent threat of rain, in the hot, sticky afternoon, we made two hits on the Buick. The first shot we ran a 6.52 @ 221 and realized a problem with our brakes; "there weren't any" !!

The Hoosier slicks Spinning But Not Stopping From A Brake ProblemWe pulled the 37" Hoosier racing slicks and found a pint of brake fluid puddled in each wheel. The fittings on the calipers had loosened due to heat and vibration. Team CCI Motorsports tightened everything up, replaced the fluid and went back for a second pass. We experienced the same problem, which resulted in a John Force like 1000ft burnout (Frankie, the fans loved it!)

We ended up making a 1/8th mile pass hooking up on the line with a .998 60 foot time, shutting off mid track with a 4.05 @ 176 run. After this run though, we replaced the new carbon fiber brakes with the old steel brakes (thank you, Richard Dixon, for your help).

Shortly after, Mother Nature let loose herself raining down a torrential deluge onto the Maple Grove Raceway Facilities track surface; we never got another time shot in.

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Getting Ready for the "Grove" With The Northeast Outlaw Pro Modified Association

Laying The Wrenches On The Hemi While The Grove AwaitsCrew CCI Motorsports works feverishly to freshen up the Buick for The Northeast Outlaw Pro Modified Association at Maple Grove this coming weekend. New rings and a piston package will tighten up the 526 c.i. BAE Hemi. A new center section is also in store for this fast door slammer. We'll check out the new gear at Friday's test and tune session before Saturday's races.

CCI Motorsports At NHRA Super nationals Raceway Park June 2009
Photos By CCI Motorsports, Diana Patille Notes And Recap:

Super nationals at E-Town Sunday, Racing With The Big Dogs Of NHRA
Photos By CCI, Added Photos By

Our Day Ends With A Red Light Start At NHRASunday morning with the NHRA after racers introductions and announcements with the usual fanfare and festivities, the CCI Motorsports Buick Pro Mod went into its first round of NHRA competition against Joe Baker's Matco Tools Racing 68 Camaro.

Back To The Drawing Board,But Great Publicity For Team CCI Motorsports.comAs quick as we staged the thumping Hemi powered Pro Mod, "Bang" that pesky red light reared its ugly head and ended our day in the "Full Throttle" Racing Series at E-Town.

Our much improved 6.28 @ 227 really didn't matter against the outstanding blast down the track by Joe Baker with a superb 6.02 @ 242.

Awesome Burnout Across The BeamsTeam CCI Motorsports will be now heading up to Maple Grove Raceway for another session of The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association's series so look for us at the Grove !!

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Super nationals at E-Town Saturday, Soaking The Race, But Not Our Spirits
Photos By CCI, Added Photos By

The Buick Pro Mod Rolling Into A BurnoutDespite the cleansing of the track by Friday night rain storms, it was a good session of qualifying for the Team CCI Motorsports 57 Buick Pro Mod in the NHRA Full Throttle Series of this event.

Frank Patille Chats it Up With Roger Burgess and Dave Hance At NHRAWe made our second qualifying attempt along side of race promoter extreme Dave Hance of the Shakedown at E-Town fame. Fans saw total nostalgia as two "old battle axes" were trying to make the cut against the sleek new bodies.

These big 1957 era classics are far from dead weight as we laid a 6.42 @ 224 onto the qualifying sheet dropping some MPH and ET telling us our two step was still not working properly and not advancing in the ladder like we had planned.

Dave Hance Chooses To Use The 57 Chevy Body Of The Same Classic EraAgain a trip back to our pits as the rest of the contenders in the classes made their runs, we looked for some more adjustments but all was for not as Rainman returned; this time for good on E Town and the night was over for another attempt.

The CCI Motorsports Buick was forced to sit out the night as we perused the pits with teams and friends at NHRA while the rains dampened the night's festivities.

Super nationals at E-Town Friday, The Buick Is Lit Up !!

The Buick Pro Mod Getting A Trash In The Pits  At NHRAAfter getting our credentials in order for the race, we geared up for our first qualifying run. Track conditions were good, and we were hoping to improve on the 6.21 @ 232 we posted two weeks earlier on this same E-Town surface at the Night of Thrills in the Pro Modified Exhibition.

Frank Patille and Tommy Gray Look On In Preparation As Passes Are MadePaired up with The "Undertaker" Tommy Gray, the Buick slugged out a 6.41 @ 226 which was well off our pace to go rounds with the behemoths of the sport. Back to the pits for some thrashing and adjustments to the alky gulping Hemi, we were looking for a bit more power. Able hands were with us in both crew and friends to bring this baby alive for some more rounds in front of thousands of NHRA "Full Throttle" Racing fans.

Super nationals at E-Town Thursday "Getting Prepared"

The 57 Buick Pro Mod at NHRA In The Pits Getting Prepped As The Team Is In High SpiritsCCI Motorsports made our first ever appearance at a national event this past weekend at Englishtown competing in the NHRA Super nationals, thanks to our new sponsor Bob at "R.C. Fabricators" our trip was going to be allot easier next to some of the baddest race cars on the planet.

Thanks To R.C. Fabricators, CCI Motorsports Was In The NHRA Supernationals, Thanks Bob !! After our great time at E Town with the night of thrills and being more successful with the power we were making, the NHRA Super nationals was just about as good as it could get to follow up our mid season in the heat with the Pro's of Drag Racing.

Top Fuel to Sportsman, it was a huge event we didn't want to miss. We rolled out the 57 Buick Pro Mod Thursday afternoon like most of the other teams, and got right to work setting up the pits for our fans and sponsors. Kip Dupuis, who originally owned our 57 McAmis Buick Pro Mod joined our crew after a cross country flight in from California.

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CCI Motorsports Sponsor Press Release, R.C. Fabricators On Board !!
R.C. Fabricators To Sponsor Frank Patille’s CCI Motorsports 57 Buick Pro Mod

Visit R.C. Fabricators, CCI Motorsports Proud Sponsor Of The Baddest Buick Pro Mod AroundFrank Patille is proud to announce a sponsorship agreement with "R.C. Fabricators".

The company is a structural steel and miscellaneous metal fabrication and erection company based in Wilmington, DE. They do commercial steel and miscellaneous metals detailing, fabrication and erection. “We are excited to have them on board.

The 57’ Buick has been running strong, with a semi final round win at the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association's race at MIR, and a runner up finish at Maple Grove vs. Tommy Gray this past weekend in the rained out final makeup from the MIR race, a 6.235 giving Frank the number two qualifier spot at the “Rumble at the Grove” and with the support of R.C. Fabricators, it will take this team to a new level of competition” said team owner Frank Patille.

About R.C. Fabricators:

R.C.Fabricators Inc. is at the forefront of technology and innovations related to the steel and construction industries. Our efficiency and expertise allow us to be competitive in the current market without sacrificing dependability. We are active members of many local and national associations.

For more information about R.C. Fabricators Please Visit Them Here:

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Raceway Parks Night Of Thrills May 2009
Photos Courtesy of and CCI Motorsports, Video By Arnie Cohen.

Team CCI Motorsports Relaxing At The Night Of Thrills E Town In The LanesAs interest for the Night of Thrills is never at a loss, The CCI Motorsports Buick was invited with other area Pro Mods to put on a spectacle of door slammer power for the fans that came to see the usual night of thrills antics of wheel standers, jet cars, and stunts.

The Gravedigger Monster Truck At E TownPacking the stands in our words would not do the night justice; this place was overloaded on a warm May late night out with the family for some quarter mile fun.

After reaching a final round at MIR against one of the best there is "Tommy Gray", we had some high hopes on this NHRA track that hosts the Super Nationals each year so we know the hook would be there to handle out blown Hemi Power even if it was a show based event invitation.

It Was A Thrill Just To Have This Many Fans See The CCI Motorsports Buick At E TownWho would have thought that our Big Bad Buick would drop a 6.21 @ 232 on the timing tower clocks for the race fans in the seats as it was our best run of the season and the quickest Pro Mod pass of the evening with Andy Jensen right beside us on this blast.

Jeff Blasi, Blasi Racing Powers Through A Screaming Burnout For The Nitrous Fans On Hand Even better, we had the chance to do it against friends and a full house of spectators under the lights at Raceway Park's awesome facility.

Video Of The CCI Motorsports 57 Buick Pro Mod At E Town Night Of Thrills Click The Image To PlayA great opportunity for the CCI Motorsports Sponsors to see our car in full swing at its best partly in thanks to the GoneDragRacing Photographer "Seth Cohen" for snapping awesome photos of our car under power and Arnie Cohen for the video of our runs.

Team CCI Motorsports is stoked about participating in the upcoming NHRA Super Nationals at this same track next month.'s Night Of Thrills Gallery Click Here:

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The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association At Maryland Intl. Raceway

In the beams at MIR With The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association took us to Budds Creek, Maryland, for their second event of the season where we qualified 6th with a 6.31 @ 227 mph pass. The car continued to pick up throughout the day, running a season-best 6.24 @ 230 mph.
Not Often Do You Get A Chance To Be In A Final With The Undertaker Tommy Gray We found ourselves facing Tommy “the Undertaker” Gray with his blown 1968 Camaro in the final round, but the rains refused to hold out – causing us to call a draw for the night.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this race at the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod event scheduled for June 27th at Maple Grove Raceway.

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Super Chevy Show At Virginia Motorsports Park

Just some tranny problems, The Big Buick Is Making Power, we'll be Ready For MIR Competing in the first Super Chevy Show for CCI Motorsports, we unfortunately suffered a repeat performance last week’s transmission trouble.

We logged off before eliminations and after a few phone calls and assistance from some of the experts, were able to pinpoint and solve the problem. Several UPS deliveries and a tranny job later, the old Buick was back together and ready for MIR. Go baby, go!

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Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association At Virginia Motorsports Park

impressive 0.979 second 60 ft. timeThis was the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association's inaugural event at Virginia Motorsports Park and our first time out this year with the 1957 Buick Special Outlaw Pro Mod.

Tuning With The Laptop Outfitted with a new DMPE "Darren Mayer Performance Engineering" M5 Supercharger and fuel system and guided by the wizardry of Jon Salemi, this Black Cat wanted to run quick; hammering down an impressive 0.979 second 60 ft. time.

Checking Blower Parts For The TuneTrack conditions were excellent with our thanks to the staff at Virginia Motorsports Park but a finicky transmission burned up the Lenco's clutches sending us packing for home early.

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Through The Traps, The CCIMotorsports Buick At The Shakedown at E TownThe CCIMotorsports Buick At The Shakedown at E Town
As Reported by, Video By Arnie Cohen.
As Seen In RPM Magazine and

Lend America Pro Modified Outlaw Blown Qualifying Summary:

Probably the hardest hitting door cars you will ever see is the Pro Blown class featuring the supercharged warriors of the sport and the incredible horsepower they can produce and control even with injecting nitrous and other wild fuels into them, only nitromethane has yet to be seen but surely it will show up one day.

Viewers From Around The World Saw The Power Of Team Work from CCI Motorsports On Speed Vision TVThe screaming whine of screw blowers rocked the townships surrounding area with each pass in this class that included three turbocharged entries in the twenty seven cars running for the class.

The bump spot of 6.37 for the sixteen car field was set by PA native Kevin McCurdy and the top qualifier honors going to Scott Cannon with a blistering 5.73 @ 252, notables included that the top six cars were all in the five second zone.

Scott Filkins Crashes Right after The Buick Makes This Pass In QualifyingA more than scary moment of the race happened at well over 230MPH when the Rupture Street wear GTO blows out a tire and ping pongs off the wall three times coming to rest a mangled ball of chrome moly tubing, driver Scott Filkins walks away unharmed but the race loses a major competitor. camaro proved its power on this pass from the jan cen 481X engineThe Team of Stanley and Weiss pulled the chutes early to drop a 6.09 on the ladder and the MPH would show it had a five second pass in it also.

The turbocharged legend Rod Saboury dipped into the sixes in his "Street Car".

Andy Jensen Slows With The Chutes Open After A Blazing Turbocharged passA local hopeful for a win in this class was Andy Jensen in the single turbo Camaro fresh and sparkling yet a cracked head would stop him from competing and dash the hairdryer hopefuls.

Fans of "one off" bodied race cars got a glimpse around the world of the 1957 Buick Pro Mod of CCI Motorsports and Frank Patille behind the wheel of this blown brute, it's unusual to see this older body style paired up with the sleek Corvettes, Camaro's and Daytona's while still keeping its identity in check.

Lend America Pro Modified Outlaw Blown Eliminations:

Team CCI Motorsports Blown 57 Buick, Full Swing In EliminationsWith $20,000 laying on the table for this class the cream of the door slammers would fight it out hard, Tim O'Hare broke Giving John Stanley a bye run, Steve King loses a tight one to Mike Janis of blower motor fame. Chip King fights off a major disaster as he is on two wheels across the centerline saving the Daytona but losing to Frank Patille in the CCI Motorsports 57 Buick Pro Mod who is moving up the rounds with the new entry into this class for the first time. Tommy Gray in the "Undertaker Camaro has problems and Tony Daprille advances easily with the early bodied Chevy Bel-air in blazing red.

John Hines in the all black Mustang hits the wall on his pass but is OK as John Russo screams to a 5.95 @ 245. Barney Squires takes the win over George Landis, Von Smith has his way with his opponent Billy Gibson and Scott Cannon takes away Kevin McCurdy's chance to advance into the next round.

Mike Janis , Engine Guru, Looks You Straight In The Eye Before A PassTommy Daprille advances beating John Russo, Von Smith is a winner over Mike Janis, Frank Patille is inline to go another round taking over Barney Squires rights to another round appearance.

John Stanley in the Stanley and Weiss Racing Camaro is hurt and Scott Cannon gets a bye run into the semi finals.

Scott Cannon Delivers In The DaytonaFrank Patille 6.58 has his day ended when the Buick is outrun by the Al-Anabi Racing 57 Chevy 5.95 with Von Smith at the wheel.

Scott Cannon 5.77 @ 250 out powers Tommy Daprille's Bel-air 6.00 @ 235.

Lend America Pro Modified Outlaw Blown Final Session:

Al-Anabi Racings 57 Chevy On It's Way To The Winners Circle With Von SmithVon Smith Powers through a blazing burnout as does Scott Cannon.

Both are in the beams with anticipations from both teams rising with the RPM's, Cannon lets loose early drawing a red light.

Von Smith is crowned the champion of the 2008 Pro Blown Class.
Pro Blown Qualifying Video By Arnie Cohen
GoneDragRacings Shakedown Event Photo And Video Gallery
GoDragRacing Photography Event Gallery
The Shakedown at E Town Official Website

The Buick Backs Up For A PassDiana Patille In Charge57 Buick Pro Mod Screaming BurnoutDown But Not Out After QualifyingDaprille Pulling The Chutes

Strong Burnout In EliminationsPowerful Blown BAE Hemi LaunchHard At Work In The Pits With CCI MotorsportsThe Blown Hemi 57 Buick Pro Mod At E TownCCI Motorsports In Front Of The Packed Stands

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Outlaws At Atco 2008, The CCI Motorsports Buick Is A Hit
As Reported by, Video By Arnie Cohen.

Frank Patille burning up the Hoosier slicks at Atco RacewayAfter running this event for the second year; Atco Raceway came to the top of the class opening up two full days of racing with both quarter mile and 1/8th mile racing scheduled for the weekend and the Buick Pro Mod of CCI Motorsports was in attendance.

The Buick At Speed Heading Down The Quarter mile At Atco RacewayA Saturday rainout shortened the race weekend and the race; only running the 1/8th mile session. Team CCI Motorsports went strong into the ladder with a final lucky number seven spot tied up for them, laying down a solid 4.288 @ 173.14 in this pro ladder.

Frank Patille would have to face the number six qualifier in the first round with Vinny Demieri at the helm of the slick GTO nitrous entry.

Vinny Demieri Pulls the chutes in the final roundAlthough it is a side note, Vinny Demieri was the first reigning champion of the inaugural Outlaws At Atco Race in 2006 and is one of the most fierce competitors today in the nitrous ranks against one of the strongest running nitrous cars in the country of Milt Decker who lost and burned the car to the ground after the pass. Luckily the downpour that the racers had seen looming in the sky dropped like there was no tomorrow and saved Decker’s Corvette Pro Mod.

Tommy Gray and team Undertaker stands in the winners circle as champion of this race in 2007Pro Modified friend and well known around the scene as driver extrordinaire' and racing colleague Tommy Gray has also seen the winners circle at this race and was the defending 2007 champion in his "Undertaker" Supercharged GTO.

Frank Patille would get a small lead on the green with a .075 to Demieri's .088 pulling hard right next to the big Buick's fender and crossing the half track finish line with a winning 4.322 @ 170.95 to Patille's 4.366 @ 170.06.

Steve Cossis Launching The Corvette Pro Mod Into The Winners CircleAn early round loss with some big dollars at stake but Team CCIMotorsports showed the crowd the unusual body style and was an immediate hit.

As rounds continued, Steve Cossis eventually would overpower Milt Decker in the final and take his first win at Atco in this series.

The Buicks Awesome StanceBacking Up From The BurnoutHalting The Bad Blown BuickBrute Supercharged Horsepower on tap at AtcoUp Close And Personal With The Blower at Speed

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CCImotorsports Track Notes With Diana Patille, Blog News Of 2008, Team Based Results

OCTOBER 4TH-5TH ENGLISHTOWN, NJ. Shakedown At E Town 2008

ccimotorsports preparing for a pass at the Al-Anabi Shakedown at E Town 2008Persistence was our theme at the big Al-Anabi Shakedown at E Town event this weekend and it definitely paid off. After a 6.41, 212 MPH qualifying pass on Saturday, the CCI Motorsports Pro Mod Buick was "in the show" but on the bump at 16th.

The final attempt to better our position was stopped cold when the blower belt broke in the water box. Although we were edged out of 16th later in the evening, another qualifier became unable to race on Sunday. So back in we go!

A proud team ccimotorsports stands for a photo op at the Al-Anabi Shakedown at E Town 2008Unfortunately, we discovered a serious transmission problem that would need to be fixed in order to race on Sunday.

With members of the Jim Halsey, Tommy Gray and Tim O'Hare teams generously lending parts, tools and hands-on assistance, we were able to make the repairs and stay in the show. Our sincere thanks to all of them.

Another 6.41 in the round 1 was a full .5 second better than our competitor, and our ticket into round 2. Our 2nd round competitor red-lighted (we all need a little luck now and then) so on to the semi-finals! Round 3 was a real challenge, racing one of the well-financed Al-Anabi cars.

Our 6.60 on 7 cylinders just wasn't enough to match their 5 second blast. But recovering from a DNQ to make it into the semi's was still a pretty respectable weekend for the CCI Motorsports team!

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SEPTEMBER 7TH ATCO, NJ. Outlaws At Atco 2008

The Big Bad Buick Shows Its Muscle At The Outlaws At Atco 2008Although Hurricane Hanna washed out Saturday's 1/4 mile portion of the event, the CCI Motorsports Buick competed in the 1/8 mile race on Sunday.

We lost in the first round, though, with a 4.36, 170 MPH run – slowed considerably by a dead cylinder.
We now sit in 11th place in the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod points standings, with two events remaining.

Courtesy Of Arnie Cohen And

AUGUST 30TH. Cecil County Street Car Shootout

Frank Patille cuts a perfect .000 reaction time at Cecil County Street Car ShootoutThe CCI motorsports Buick Special returned to Cecil County for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod "Extreme" competition (which initially separates the blower & turbo from the nitrous & normally aspirated cars). After qualifying comfortably, we won the first round – due in no small part to Frank's perfect .000 reaction time! The second round was not as successful, shaking the tires and losing traction right off the starting line.

However, we still managed to move up a few places in the Pro Mod points standings.

AUGUST 3RD NUMEDIA, PA. Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods

Back to Numedia for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod race. Our 57 Buick Special qualified with a 7.0 at 200 MPH. Unfortunately the run destroyed a head gasket, cracked a piston and took a few other critical items with it! Lacking the parts and time to repair it in the pits, we headed home to the shop to set things right for the next event.

JULY 26TH NUMEDIA, PA. Foxwoods Top Sportsman

Our third Foxwoods Top Sportsman event of the season started out well for the CCI Motorsports Firebird. But after qualifying with a 7.22 at 194 MPH, mechanical gremlins ended our day even before the first round got underway. Despite the setback, our CCI team remains in the top 1/3 of Top Sportsman point standings at 19th among 58 competitors.

JULY 12TH ATCO, NJ. Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods

Diana Patille backs up the brutal Buick at Atco for a six second passOur second outing with the Pro Mod Buick Special saw steady progress. CCI Motorsport made it's first full-track pass with the new car, and clocked our first six second ET.

The Buick In The Lanes At Atco Awaiting A PassAfter qualifying for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod event, the Buick managed a first-round 6.99 despite "grazing" the 1,000 ft. timing clock. (Apologies to the Atco track crew!) Because Frank had to back off the throttle before the finish line, our competitor was able to drive around us for a victory.

Valuable lessons learned, though – and there’s always the next race!

JULY 5TH CECIL COUNTY, MD. Cecil County Street Car Shootout

Although we hadn't planned it this way, today was the very first time we've been able to get our new Buick Pro Mod on the track! We never intended to try and shake the car down in the middle of live racing, but who can control the weather?

We definitely could have used more time than we had to make some of the fine adjustments we knew were needed. But we did uncover (and fix) a balky transmission and a few other gremlins – so we're better prepared for next week's Pro Mod event at Atco.

Let's Not Leave Out The Firebird Top Sportsman Ride

JUNE 1ST ENGLISHTOWN, NJ. Foxwoods Top Sportsman Event

CCI Motorsports also ran competetively in the Foxwoods Casino Top Sportsman ClassAnother consistent performance for the CCIMotorsports Firebird, and another quarter final round appearance. While we weren't able to win the overall event, our round victories were enough to keep us in the top half of the Foxwoods Top Sportsman point standings.

The CCIMotorsports team is currently 23rd in a 58 car field. Now for the next few weeks we'll be focusing on preparing our new Buick Special Pro Mod car for it's first east coast appearance.


The Firebird Top Sportsman car was quick and solidly consistent all day. Almost "dead-on" runs of within .01 seconds of our 7.12 dial-ins, coupled with quick driver reaction times, allowed the CCIMotorsports Team to make it to the (quarter-final) fourth round before gremlins struck. The onboard data recorder indicated #8 cylinder was running 200 degrees hotter than normal. Further investigation revealed a bad lifter which unfortunately put an end to our racing weekend. But our three round wins were enough to push the CCI Firebird up to 19th position in NHRA's Division One "Foxwoods Top Sportsman" class. And of course, we've already started the repairs needed to compete again next week!

CCI Motorsports Retro Press And Media Promos.

SEPTEMBER, 2008 Interview By Camp Stanley

Camp Stanley Inteviews Frank Patille during his time off with 1320tv.comDuring the 6th Annual Shakedown at E Town, Susan Wade handed over the microphone to let the drivers speak to each other, Camp Stanley takes a pit chat with Frank Patille about the supercharged Buick competeing in the now famous northeastern event featuring both nitrous Pro Mods and Patille's class "Pro Blown". has been a model of racer recognition in their web based interviews, race reporting and more.

A special honor was to have the original "Wild Man Of Drag Racing" holding court for the internet viewers in this race venue after CCImotorsports did so well in the rounds but fell to a broken transmission in the semi finals.

SEPTEMBER, 2008 Drag Illustrated Magazine

Van Abernathy writes and photographs the CCImotorsports Buick Pro Mod At Atco Raceway for Drag IllustratedAtco Raceways results of the 3rd Annual Outlaws at Atco showed off our Buick Pro Mod in jut the right light by Van Abernathy's talented keyboard skills and diction searching the thesaurarus for extreme words to describe how he saw the CCI Motorsports Buick Pro Mod on it's 1/8th mile journeys. Though we lost to Vinny Demieri after a number seven qualifying spot in the first round; our first time to Atco in this competition was essentially a proving ground for this well built machine we now have in our hands to set some milestones for us personally, our team members and fans.

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AUGUST, 2008 Atco Raceway Promotional Flyer

ccimotorsports 57 Buick Pro Mod Atco Flyer Promo Print and Web Promotional advertisement from Atco Raceway for the upcoming Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Series Race featuring the Big Bad CCI Motorports Buick Powering off the starting line.

This flyer was seen all over the world by way of many well known websites and forums along with Atco Raceways Mailing list of racing subscribers.

Diana Patille Narration and Authoring From Team

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